May 2015 Yarn & Fiber Box reveal

The Company

This month we featured the fabulous yarns and dyed roving of Lisa Mutch operating under her fabulous brand - Northbound Knitting.

NBK operates out of Onatrio, Canada, and Lisa’s ability to strike an impressive middle ground in her dye process - subtle, yet intensive and purposeful color - is some of the best we have ever seen (which is surprising, given her love affair for gray)!

The Yarn

We selected NBK's merino/cashmere/nylon (MCN) base for a little luxury spring knitting. Two yarn weights were featured and, depending on Fiberista preferences, each member received two skeins of either a DK weight (240 yards/100 grams per skein) or worsted weight (181 yards/100 grams per skein). 


Overall, there were 15 glorious colors this month expertly dyed by Lisa's capable hands:

Bourbon Vixen
Vixen Agave
Agave Terracota
Terracota Medusa
Medusa Boudoir
Boudoir Ethereal
Ethereal Matcha
Matcha Medallion
Medallion Abalone
Abalone Aster
Aster Mosaic
Mosaic Trench
Trench Fawn
Fawn Frisky

The Fiber

We also featured Finnish top dyed by NBK in all fifteen colors above. It was paired with a natural merino/cashmere blend, and we'll be posting a tutorial on project ideas on the blog tomorrow.

The Upgrades

There was such a great response to the circular knitting needles we featured by Indian Lake Artisans last month, we decided to continue the fun by included 30 pairs of their straight, copper-topped knitting needles randomly in our shipments this month.

The Swag

Measuring a garment while you're working on it, or taking your measurements to identify your sizing options for a particular pattern is something we all do. To help, we included these super "Knit Happy" tape measures in every Fiberista package this month.

The Pattern

For our intermediate/advanced knitters, we have an exclusively designed pattern featuring an asymmetrical shawl and/or scarf featuring a textured diagonal rib stitch.


Also included within the pattern are instructions for completing a beginner's scarf utilizing this month's yarn featuring the diagonal rib stitch.

We hope all of our Fiberistas are thoroughly enjoying this month's boxes. June's boxes will ship between June 1st and 4th.