Our Biggest Welcome Ever

Spinning Box Reveal - Friday


We were going to publish our spinning box reveal yesterday, but unfortunately, USPS seems to enjoy giving us some false hope as it updates it shipment status online. We're going to give all the spinning boxes a few more days to get into the hands of their eager owners and will then publish a release over the weekend.


Knit-A-Long - How's Your Project Going?


It looks like quite a few Fiberistas have managed to make some great progress on their Winter Woods cowl and infinity scarves over the last week or so. How is your project coming along?

There is a small errata to report (thanks jewelsforall!).

On row 13, the pattern should read: knit 2, purl 1, knit 3, * . . .

We'll be completing the adjustment and updating the pattern, but that's the only adjustment we have to make. Hunter is crying in the corner for failing you all (but he's ever so grateful for the test knitters - it was publishing error on his part)!


Welcome Our Newest Fiberistas!


It seems as though we may have blown up a little bit. We have a great new group of individuals joining us for our February boxes. Let's welcome all of these members to the club!


Tiffany C . . . Jennifer C . . . Christine G . . . Sara S . . . Olga C . . . Elissa M . . . Jennifer S . . . Deb S . . . Karen Y . . . Andrea K . . . Debby R . . . Dena W . . . Therese B . . . Susan B-W . . . Sandra W-G . . . Jessica W . . . Julie B . . . Lisa E (2x!) . . . Ann G . . . Claire P . . . Ceeley W . . . Marilee P . . . Esmee K . . . Shari D . . . Sara D . . . Hilary H . . . Anna S . . . Roxanne P . . . Jennifer R . . . Delynn  J . . . Sheila R . . . Nancy R . . . Shari H . . . Heather N . . . Karen L . . . Colleen M . . . Cynthia L . . . Jean M . . . Sharon M . . . Roxane H . . . Gabriela S . . . Margaret W . . . Lesley M . . . Nichole A . . . Theresa K

<plays music - happy dance commences>


It's wonderful to see the club grow, and we're really excited to send you all your first Fiberista Club boxes in February. You should have also received an email inviting you to our exclusive, members-only store shortly after signing-up. If you didn't, please let us know (and don't forget to join the clubhouse on Ravelry).


February's Around The Corner!


In less than two weeks, February boxes are going to be on their way to you. Today is the last day we have for new Fiberistas to join us for the boxes shipping on the 2nd, and your last day to "double-down" and receive twice as much yarn this upcoming month.

All new subscription orders must be in by 6PM CST this evening and double-down orders must be placed within our online shop at by midnight tonight.

We contacted ____________ of ____________ , our featured dyer and indy brand for the month (#nospoilers), and some extra yarn is going to be delivered to us within the next five days for any last minute orders.

Thanks so much for allowing us to bring some exposure to a truly talented individual with some great yarn and fiber to offer all of you.


Celebrating Milestones


In less than six weeks we've reached over 1,000 Instagram followers, have been liked by over 1.2k individuals on Facebook, and are hovering around 130 active subscribers.

So what does all this mean?

We want you to go to a mirror and pat yourself on the back. Tell yourself you're fabulous - one of the most fabulous people in the world. Why?

Well, our dear Fiberistas, your support of a small business means you've created a job. That's right. In six weeks, you've managed to come together to not simply purchase a product or a service - you've actually created a job for someone. How many people can truly say they've witnessed and contributed to a new job appearing from nowhere? Not many!

The better news? You're on the verge of creating another one. Really close. Keep that in mind as you tell your friends about Fiberista Club - you're contributing to the economy in a powerful way!

In order to pay it forward and showcase our gratitude, we've decreased the price on all the yarn we carried last month in our shop. It's now sitting on the virtual shelf for more than 20% off retail pricing, and is fully in stock, ready to ship within 24 hours.

Thank you so much.