Monday Musings - Vol. 3

We're Back!


We missed you terribly. We're officially back from our surprise Christmas break, and are both feeling incredibly excited as we slowly tick down the days to our first box shipment. In one week, we'll be driving an SUV full of packages to the post office, getting awkward glances as 60+ boxes of fiber goodness get placed in the mail to travel the world to you. I literally started drooling while I typed that sentence - is that bad?


Bad News, Good News . . . Is It 2015 Yet?


First, we wanted to apologize for the unannounced break. We weren't expecting it per say, but a series of events took us away to the East Coast to celebrate the holidays. Gathering round the knitting and spinning circle, guys, this story is a doozy:


The Bad News

On Thursday, December 18th we were victims to a burglary within our home/F.C.'s headquarters. We didn't really notice anything when we first got home - there was no forced entry, and only small electronics that one would assume were misplaced or tucked away were stolen - but we slowly started to realize the robber(s) made away with two items any small, just-starting-out business relies on: our digital camera and a laptop.

Luckily, everything is covered by insurance, so items are slowly being replaced. Other than about five years worth of photos and videos, nothing irreplaceable was stolen and our furry children were okay, although a little stressed out by the experience.

Honestly, we were blessed, as it could have been a lot worse. After dealing with the police, changing the locks, and installing an alarm system we have resumed a sense of safety in a short period of time.


The Good News

We're sharing this story simply to share it. Fiberista Club was not impacted outside of having to retake some of our January promo pictures.

However, on Friday, December 19th we were surprised when we received a phone call from family with surprise tickets to come to the East Coast for the Christmas holiday. We had the time off arranged with our jobs, found a house sitter who remained here guarding your yarn for three days, and decided we weren't going to let the foolish, criminal actions of another individual steal our opportunity for a memorable holiday. We accepted the gifts, and outside of dealing with our insurance company, decided we needed to focus on family and friends during the three days we were out of town.

Really, we learned a valuable lesson: things are just things, and people you love - and the opportunities to make memories with them - come first.


2015 - Yay!

With all of this being said, we're excited to create some amazing memories with you, our Fiberistas, during 2015. We couldn't have imagined such an amazing response when we launched just under a month ago, and again we feel completely, utterly blessed. Thanks for your support and your kind words via email. It means so much.


Welcome New Fiberistas!


It's still hard to believe we sold out of our January box. For those of you who have emailed us that were on the cusp of our deadline, we're working on arranging for you to be part of our January club instead of having to wait until February. If we can sneak you in, we will - just give us some time to start packing up the goodies and planning accordingly.


Without further ado, let's welcome our newest Fiberistas:


Marit L . . . Taryn B . . . Melissa H . . . Jennie M . . . Susan J . . . Judith S . . . Liesl M . . . Carie J . . . Stefanie H . . . Jessica C . . . Jennifer L . . . Ami B . . . Karen L . . . Detraie M . . . Melissa L . . . Mandi A . . . Jenna M . . . Suzanne D . . . Kelli D . . . Helene L . . . Holly T . . . Donald B . . . Margaret C . . . Cary F . . . Ashleigh T . . . Zaynab N . . . Rose B . . . Sue F . . . Allene N . . . Priya S


Congratulations on becoming part of the club - we're thrilled you've decided to join us!


Our Private Store


Part of your membership at Fiberista Club includes access to our exclusive private, online store. We're still dusting off some of the shelves, but  you will be receiving an email this weekend granting access. For now, the store will be empty (because stocking it would mean ruining January's surprise, and at this point that's like getting hit by a bus at the age of 112).


The store will contain both your patterns and access to the yarns and fiber we're featuring in January's box on January 6th. Of course, the yarns will be discounted, and as we progress through the year new yarns and colorways will be added to the shop.


February's Club


It seems silly to even talk about February's box before January's has shipped out, but we want to talk about it a bit since renewals are coming up and we've reopened the club to new subscribers after selling out our first month.


Our 25% off your first subscription coupon is still active and will be until we reach 250 subscribers. After this, we may offer some promotional discounts in person at fiber events or offer them throughout the year, but we will never, ever offer a discount over 15% after these coupons have been utilized. Ever.


To take advantage of the coupon, simply visit our subscription store at and type in the code 14LAUNCH25 at checkout. Do not forget to hit the 'apply' button!


As with January's club, February's does have a limited amount of new subscribers we can take on. We'll keep you posted if we start a waiting list, but we'll probably sell out during the first week of January. If you're thinking about joining, now is the time.


February is a really exciting month for us as we get to introduce you to a brand new yarn company. You'll be the very first individuals to try the new yarn, and we will be exclusive retailers on our online site for the foreseeable future. This allows the artists to focus on what they do best - dye beautiful yarn and fiber - and gives them a selling channel they trust, with the opportunity to receive feedback.


It's really exciting to be supporting such a wonderful company, and the yarns and colors we'll be featuring for the month truly are gorgeous. We'll be releasing mood boards for February within the next day or two, so stay tuned!


No Spoilers, Please!


In an effort to respect the element of surprise for everyone, we're politely asking that no one feature any spoilers on social media until January 12th. This gives everyone a full week to receive and open their packages. We will release an official spoiler on January 12th, and after you start seeing us introduce the January box to the world, feel free to share in your excitement.


We thank you advance for your understanding.


Yarn Scraps


We're pretty sure we covered it all, and just wanted to finish by wishing you all a Happy New Year.


We will be accessible and readily available (although enjoying a couple of glasses of champagne here and there) throughout the New Year's week. Feel free to email us with any questions, engage with us via social media, and share in the excitement as we get ready to ship your first packages on January 5th.


We wish you all a safe and happy day celebrating the end of a wonderful year and the beginning of a new one.  2015 is going to be fiberiffic (aren't you glad we used fiberista?).