Monday Musings - Vol. 1


Hello, Fiberistas! Every Monday from now until eternity, we're going to deliver you a blog post a la newsletter style. In short, we're here to sum up all the wonderful happenings here at F.C. during the last seven days -  what a first week it has been!  

Move Over Kim Kardashian, Fiberistas Have Arrived!

While we know we didn't actually #breaktheinternet, it sure felt like that here within the F.C. offices. Our wonderful IT guys have set up a television screen that allows us to watch Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest notifications and it just never. seemed. to. stop.

We started with no followers when we launched last Monday night (actually, we technically arrived on social media at 2AM on Tuesday). A week later, we've reached almost 100 likes on Facebook, over 100 blog subscribers, about 50 followers on both Instagram and Twitter, and . . . drumroll . . . 856 followers on Instagram!

It's been a blast getting to know all of you, and we hope you're enjoying interacting with us within the various communication channels we set up.

Don't forget, you can also contact us via email at: with any questions you might have.


We Have  A Ravelry Group

rsz_1ravelrylogo81r_20140401_144342_20140401_144344For our subscribers who haven't yet joined (or for anyone just wanting to hang out in our official Fiberista clubhouse - we have a pretty awesome crew forming up), we do have an official Ravelry group which you can find here: Fiberista Clubhouse.


What's With All The Giveaways?

It's really simple: Fiberista Club will always be about the individuals who make up the needle arts community. Whether you're a knitter, crocheter, spinner, dyer or some combination of the four (we'd love to me some triple or quad threats), you're carrying on an important tradition that dates back millennia.

This automatically makes you the coolest people we know. By nature, we're all students and teachers and creative souls - that's a pretty unique and awesomely special combination.

Keeping with our motto, we decided we would let the awesome people of the community spread the word, rather than spending tons of money on marketing on social media. In short, we'd rather give you some awesome gifts than give a penny to Facebook or any other social media outlet.

Thanks for proving to us our plan will work!

P.S. - Congrats to our first set of winners. Ellen O. won a January Fiberista Club package. Pili C. won three Brooklyn Tweed patterns, a pair of Lantern Moon circulars, and two skeins of Brooklyn Tweed loft.

More giveaways are coming very soon, and don't forget all of these mini events are also entries into our huge Madelinetosh/Signature Needle Arts giveaway. We'll announce THREE winners for that prize on Monday, December 15th.


Our Moodboards

Have you seen our January mood boards yet? These are the boards we have posted up everywhere at FC headquarters right now - we're living and breathing these as we prepare to send out January's package.

Yarn and roving color selections for January are based on these boards:

Our cool mood board for January 2015.

Our neutral mood board for January 2015.

Our warm mood board for January 2015.

Lovely, aren't they? Remember, colors will be inspired by these boards, and we can't realistically send them all out into the world. But, we are going to try to match the general themes and replicate the warm fuzzy feelings you get in response to seeing the boards based on your submitted preferences when you subscribed.

Who The Heck Are You?

We're going to introduce ourselves very, very soon - we promise! While we were happy to finally launch Fiberista Club, we still have full time jobs and would prefer not to put our identities out on the Internet just yet. Come on, you get it - there's always that creepy person in HR who's just looking for a reason to call you into their office . . .

You've probably seen us around if you attend any of the fiber events in the Midwest though. We're kind of hard to miss. Also, one us maintains a knitting blog one or two of you might read. Or, at least it's possible you've read it once and then said "how do I get that 10 minutes of life back".

Between us, we've been knitting, crocheting, spinning, and dying yarn for over 25 years. One of us -the blonde, whom is the Marilyn Monroe of the two - has a BFA in Painting and has a wonderful eye for color and texture. The brunette, whom we'll just call the Jane Russel of the pair, is a knitting whiz and can pretty much MacGyver anything textile related.

Oh, and we're both boys.


Yarn Scraps

  • We'll be updating the F.A.Q. section shortly (by the end of the day on Wednesday), so make sure to come back and visit us then for an encyclopedia-length read.
  • Wednesdays are also "Welcome Wednesdays". We'll be acknowledging our newest Fiberistas then.
  • Unfortunately, we can no longer offer our 25% or 20% off for life memberships on month-to-month subscriptions. Those sales are over. :(
  • However, we're still going strong with our 25% off all subscriptions sale, which ends December 21st. Use code 14LAUNCH25 at checkout.
  • You should see any discount applied before you submit your order. There is not yet an "apply coupon" button (we're working on it), so simply hit your 'enter' or 'return' key while your cursor is still in the coupon box. It'll active the coupon, and you'll be ready to check out.

We want to thank you again for being here and taking this journey with us. We'll be releasing the lid a bit with some special surprises regarding our January packages, as well as a releasing an up-close-and-personal photo shoot we completed over the weekend (an example of a yarn package, silly).